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What is Physiotherapy and how can it help?

Physiotherapy helps children with a variety of presenting conditions including musculoskeletal (acute and long- standing), orthopaedic, rheumatology, neuro-developmental, neuro-muscular, neurological conditions and co-ordination difficulties.

Education, advice, tailored exercise and physical activity along with manual therapy is used to help to improve and restore movement those who are affected by injury, illness or disability.  It can also be used to help prevent future injury or illness.

A large proportion of our caseload is working with children and families with life long conditions. We strive to offer support, provide advice and share knowledge to enable families to manage their child’s needs. Empowering parents within their child’s care is paramount to role.

Referrals can be made to the service using the Integrated Therapies Referral Form.

Rapid Response team

The Rapid Response team has been set up to provide a more efficient service for children in Greenwich who present with certain conditions as a new born, require respiratory assessment and treatment, require a short intensive block of specific rehabilitation or to facilitate a safe early discharge home from hospital.  For further information click to view our Rapid Response page.

Gait Clinic

Within our Paediatric Physiotherapy Service we offer a gait (walking) clinic. This clinic is for established walking children up until 12 years of age. It is for gait abnormalities such as flat feet, in-toeing gait, knock knees etc. This clinic is not for children complaining of any pain, it is solely for abnormalities in gait. These are usually normal skeletal variants (i.e. variations are seen as normal in the sense that they are found consistently among different individuals, are mostly without symptoms, and are termed anatomical variations rather than abnormalities, these may also resolve with growth).

Please click here to find out how we are currently working.

Further information

Physiotherapy Twitter – Greenwich PT Twitter Page

Use the links below to access the relevant Physiotherapy service:

Early Years

Physiotherapy for children aged under 5 years

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School Years

Physiotherapy for children aged 5-19 years

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Special Schools

Physiotherapy for children that attend a Special School

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