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Parents and Carers

How do children receive support from the service?

Eligibility criteria – Children can receive support from the children’s integrated therapy team if they are aged between 0-19 years old and who are, registered with a Greenwich G.P and/or attending a school in Greenwich.

In addition, the service supports children aged 19-25 who have an EHC plan (Education, Health, Social Care Plan).

How can children be referred to the service?

The children’s integrated therapy service operates an open access policy including self-referral.

Parent’s and carers can refer to the service directly by:

Integrated Therapies Referral Form

Contacting the service

With the permission of a parent/carer the child’s school can refer to the service; or if another professional is working with the child they may refer into the service.

What happens after referral?

All referrals will be triaged by a therapist and a clinical decision will be made based on the information provided. If the referral is accepted the waiting time will be based on the severity of needs, the impact of difficulty and the service needs at the time.

How will you be contacted?

Once your referral is accepted, all routine appointments will be sent a letter requesting you to make contact with our administration team to arrange an appointment. If we do not hear from you within 2 weeks we will assume that you do not wish to access the service and your referral will be discharged. If this happens a new referral will need to be made. If the reason for your referral means you need to be seen quickly, we will contact you by phone, or letter and arrange an appointment time with you directly.

How to complain about anything related to the service

The children’s integrated therapy service actively seeks views and experience of the service.

If you have any concerns about the service you or a child are receiving, please contact your Therapist in the first instance or the Service Manager.  We will aim to resolve your concerns as quickly as possible.  However, if you feel you need to take your concerns further we have a complaints process, details of this can be found on the Trust website Oxleas – Patient experience.