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Occupational Therapy School Years Service

The Children’s Occupational Therapy Team provides specialist care and support for children aged 0-19 years and supports young adults up to 25 years when they have an Education, Health and Care Plan in place.

Occupational Therapy enables children and young people to participate as fully as possible in activities as part of their daily lives. Occupational Therapists (OTs) work with children and young people who have difficulties or a disability which impacts upon their daily participation in activities. OTs help children and young people to carry out activities they need or want to do in areas of self-care, school work and play.

What we offer

The service offers individual assessment and advice to promote social inclusion and maximise the child and young person’s ability to reach their full potential in all areas of their daily activities.

How to see or contact the service

If you have concerns about your child’s functional skills you can self-refer to OT using the Integrated Therapies Referral Form. Children can also be referred to OT by a health professional or education professional highlighting the functional difficulties that your child is experiencing.

Further information

Use the links below to access recommended reading:

CanChild – Research dedicated to generating knowledge and transforming lives

Contact for Families – advice and support for families with children with disabilities. Now includes hemi help, for children with hemiplegia.( please also add to useful contacts and special schools contacts)

The National Autistic Society – Transforming lives and changing attitudes

The Royal Borough of Greenwich – Local authority website


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