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Occupational Therapy Early Years Service

Our Occupational Therapists work with children and young people, supporting them to get the very best out of daily activities. For children, their daily activities include learning through play, getting dressed, getting washed and mealtimes. We will work with you to identify why these activities may be difficult and help to improve your child’s skills and independence in these activities, through advice, direct intervention or suggesting different ways of doing things.

We can also suggest equipment which may be helpful for your child to engage in everyday activities, and can assess for specialist seating if needed.

You will be encouraged to be an active part of the therapy process by incorporating activities into your daily life. This will have the most impact and benefit to your child.

What we offer

We usually see children for their initial assessment at Goldie Leigh or via video call.

We can see children within their own home if there is a specific need for this e.g. if a child is too unwell to travel or needs advice relating to the home environment.

How to see or contact the service

We can accept referrals for children being discharged from hospital that need on-going input, or for children with a high level of complex need. Referrals can be made using the Integrated Therapies Referral Form.

If you would like to contact the team for further information or to speak to one of our therapists please call the Single Point of Access Team on: 020 8836 8621, option 2 or e-mail:

Further information

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