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MOVE Programme

What is MOVE?

MOVE is an activity based programme which uses the combined knowledge of family, education and therapy to promote the skills of sitting, standing, walking and transferring for any child or young person.

Meet the team

(Pictured left) Kyrie-Ann Goldsmith, Under 5’s Therapy Assistant. (Pictured right) Laura Taylor, MOVE Outreach Practitioner

The MOVE philosophy

Is that movement is the foundation for learning.

The aim of the MOVE is to offer movement opportunities to the child/young person, therefore opening up and transforming the world around them which will create an educational environment full of opportunities and choice.

MOVE in practice

The MOVE programme gives children a variety of different opportunities to learn valuable skills that enable them to reach their own personal goals and develop fundamental skills.  Goals are set by the child/young person with input from family and the educational setting

Links to further information

Use the links below to access further reading:

Core offer and programme information MOVE Core Offer

MOVE Europe – Further information about MOVE



The MOVE Team, Greenwich Children’s Integrated Therapies Service, have been awarded a MOVE Centre of Excellence status. MOVE Centre of Excellence accredited status is awarded to organisation’s who have demonstrated through extensive and robust evidence that they are using the MOVE Programme in the most effective way.

Centres of Excellence are shining examples of best practice and provide continuity for the Programme on a local, regional, and even national level, opening their doors to showcase their achievements and encourage participation.

Only 19 organisations in the UK have achieved Centre of Excellence status and The MOVE Team, Greenwich Children’s Integrated Therapies Service is the first Health Service to achieve this in both UK and Europe.


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