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Hearing Impairment / Deafness Team

What we do

We work to support children/young people from birth to post-16 with permanent hearing losses in both ears (severe to profound level of loss) as well as their families and any other key people in their lives e.g. education staff, extended family members.

We support children/young people who wear a range of hearing technology e.g. hearing-aid, cochlear implant, bone-anchored hearing-aid, as well as children with a range of communication modes e.g. spoken language, sign language or speech and sign together.

We work with:

  • The under 5s caseload, use the link for more information about the Early Years Service
  • Primary school deaf children in James Wolfe and Meridian Designated Specialist Provisions (DSPs) for deaf children.
  • Deaf students at Shooters Hill Sixth Form College

We are a small team of Speech and Language Therapies who also support the rest of the Speech and Language Therapy team who have hearing impaired children/young people on their caseload in mainstream settings.

Further information

Children/young people with a certain level of deafness have difficulties with listening to specific sounds and this can impact their language, communication and speech development.  We aim to reduce the impact that a hearing loss has on a child/young person and their family, in order for them to make the best use of their hearing, language and communication skills and to be able to access the things that they want to in life.

We often work with children/young people who have additional difficulties alongside their deafness and we work with a range of professionals involved with these cases in these instances.  We also work closely with the Royal Greenwich Sensory Service team who also support the children/young people and families that we work with.

Further information

Use the links below to access further reading:

For all ages:

The National Deaf Children’s Society,

Cochlear Impaired Children’s Support Group,

British Sign Language Dictionary,

Post 16 years:

Action on Hearing Loss,