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Early Years Speech and Language Appointments

Children under 5 are seen by our Early Years Speech and Language Therapy Service.

Before a therapy appointment

You will receive a letter inviting you to therapy sessions in one of our health centres, this may be for a one off appointment or for a block of therapy sessions. Please read the appointment information carefully as some of our sessions are parent only and you will not be able to take part in the sessions if you come along with your child.

On the day of your therapy appointment

If you are attending Ferryview, Kidbrooke or Greenwich Square Health Centres please report to the receptionist and then wait in the waiting area for a therapist to come and collect you.

If you are attending Plumstead or Gallions Reach Health Centres please do not report to the receptionist, instead go to the back of the waiting area and wait for a therapist to come out to collect you.

Please make sure that you arrive at least 5 minutes before your appointment. If you are late you may not be seen.

If you do not attend your appointment, and have not notified us that you can’t attend, then your child will be discharged from the speech and language therapy service. You will need to attend another drop in assessment session to re-access the service.

During your therapy appointment

There are three types of appointments:

Assessment appointments – If your child needs a more in depth assessment they will be invited to attend an appointment at one of our health centres. You will be the only family present at this appointment.

Parent only workshops – These take place in Children’s Centres. There will be up to 15 parents/carers at the workshop. Please do not bring your children (non-mobile babies are welcome).

Therapy appointments – Most therapy appointments are group sessions and so there will be other families in the room with you.

Your invite letter will tell you what type of appointment you have been invited to. Sessions usually last between 30 minutes to 1 hour. Therapy sessions will focus on showing you strategies to support your child’s speech, language and communication development.

At the end of your appointment, the therapist will discuss the next steps with you.

After your therapy appointment

You will have a consolidation period to practice the strategies that you have learned during your therapy block. Your child might be discharged if no further support is needed/ wanted at that point. Your child might be added to the waiting list for further therapy if required.

Please note that the wait for therapy can be several months but we will contact you as soon as your child has reached the top of the waiting list – Please do not attend the drop in assessment sessions to check where your child is on the list as the staff there do not have access to this information.